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Welcome to the New Opportunities Fund nof-digitise.org homepage.

This site is a comprehensive directory of all the web-based projects we are funding through the digitisation of learning materials grant programme.

The programme will provide a unique model for the creation of innovative on-line learning resources for the potential benefit of every citizen in the UK. The programme brings together a wide range of partnerships representing the community and voluntary sectors, local authorities, libraries and archives, museums, further and higher education, and the private sector. The projects, which are designed to support lifelong learning under one of three broad themes; cultural enrichment, citizenship, and re-skilling, will transfer text, drawings, photos, maps, film and sound recordings into easily accessible electronic format. Interactive and interpretive material will enhance and support source items. The adoption of rigorous technical standards will help to ensure the accessibility and sustainability of the materials for future use.

The material will be targeted particularly to users of public libraries through the Peoples Network (PN) and to schools through the National Grid for Learning (NGfL). The digitisation programme is part of NOF's wider ICT initiative to train "public library staff, school librarians and teachers" as well as supporting the infrastructure costs of developing the Peoples Network and providing IT learning centres and community grids for learning through the CALL programme. For additional information, visit us online at  Top Ten Jobs in 2011.

Fuelling the online learning revolution

Welcome to EnrichUK, the gateway to a lottery-funded collection of 150 sites supported by the New Opportunities Fund.

The collection ranges across culture, history, social and economic development, science and art as well as offering regional and national 'sense of place' websites from England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.

The EnrichUK search engine is delivering results for all active sites supported under the Fund's nof-digitise programme. Some of these sites are still under development, and enquiries about content or technical standards should be made to the individual sites. Images from EnrichUK projectsImages from EnrichUK projectsImages from EnrichUK projects

UK museums celebrate human ingenuity online

For the first time, people from all over the world will be able to see over 30,000 objects and pictures taken from the collections of the Science Museum, the National Museum of Photography, Film & Television and the National Railway Museum, hear about the stories behind many of them and enter into debates through a unique online resource

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Museum Job Descriptions

It takes many, many people to run a museum.
Here are some of the museum jobs people look for on their job search, and some of the skills it takes to be good at that job. What job would you like best? Which one would you be good at finishing your job searching?

• in charge of the whole museum and its workings
• represents the museum in contacts with the public
• works with the entire staff to make sure museum runs smoothly
• assists wherever needed in any department
• Skills: enjoy working with people, flexible and organized worker; comfortable public speaker, enjoy doing a variety of different things, good problem-solver
• You could be a Director if you are very good at persuading all different kinds of people to work together.

• expert in charge of one type of the collection (drawings, paintings, Egyptian objects, etc.)
• oversees the care, display and information about the objects in their areas
• assists the Registrars and Graphic Designers in assembling the museum catalog
• Skills: good writer, enjoys reading and researching
• You could be a Curator if you love reading and learning new information.

• keeps track of all museum objects
• maintains records of ownership and borrowing
• carefully watches the safety and condition of objects on display
• works with the Curators and the Graphic Designers in assembling the museum catalog
• Skills: organizational skills, good record keeper, careful with details
• You could be a Registrar if you are good at keeping things in your desk and your room very neat and organized.

Museum Educator
• plans tours and other programs for museum visitors of all ages
• works with the Curators to develop exhibits
• oversees the docents
• Skills: good writer, creative, good with people
• You could be a Museum Educator if you love sharing new ideas and information with lots of different types of people.

• welcomes visitors to the museum
• guides and teaches visitors on tours of the museum
• answers questions about the objects in the museum
• Skills: good public speaker, enjoy research, good with people
• You could be a Docent if you like meeting new people and telling stories.

Graphic Designer • designs posters and brochures about the museum, both by hand and on the computer
• assists the Public Relations Officers in creating advertisements for the museum
• helps with the creation of the museum catalog
• Skills: enjoys drawing, creative with color and shape, good writer and designer
• You could be a Graphic Designer if you enjoy drawing and working with color and shapes.

Exhibit Designer • plans layout and display of objects in the space provided for the museum
• decides on wall colors and arrangements of objects
• helps Preparators to hang and install artwork properly
• Skills: creative with colors and space, good at math
• You could be an Exhibit Designer if you enjoy math and creative problem-solving with shapes and space.

• assist the Exhibit Designers in the installation of the museum’s objects
• carefully handles objects
• helps to construct and arrange displays
• Skills: good with math, enjoy building things, good sense of space, very careful with details
• You could be a Preparator if you enjoy math and are good at working with your hands.

Public Relations Officer
• writes and distributes press releases and announcements to inform the school and the community about events and activities at the museum
• contacts local television stations and newspapers with information about the museum
• works with the Graphic Designer to create posters, brochures, and advertisements
• assists with assembling the museum catalog
• Skills: good vocabulary, creative writer, comfortable public speaker
• You could be a Public Relations Officer if you are creative with words and are good at public speaking.

Museum Shop Manager
• runs the museum gift shop, which sells postcards and other small souvenirs
• arranges and displays the merchandise for easy shopping
• handles money and helps visitors to the museum shop
• in charge of other shop clerks
• Skills: good with people, enjoys math and money counting, good organizational skills
• You could be a Museum Shop Manager if you like meeting people and working with money.
• runs the museum gift shop, which sells postcards and other small souvenirs
• arranges and displays the merchandise for easy shopping
• handles money and helps visitors to the museum shop
• in charge of other shop clerks
• Skills: good with people, enjoys math and money counting, good organizational skills
• You could be a Museum Shop Manager if you like meeting people and working with money.

Museum Protection Staff (Security Officers)
• in charge of safety for all museum objects and visitors
• ensures that all museum rules are followed
• assist visitors with questions
• stationed throughout the museum during visiting hours
• Skills: knowledge of rules, good with people
• You could be on the Museum Protection Staff if you recognize the importance of following rules and enjoy dealing with all kinds of people.

There are other Museum Jobs too!
• Librarian – in charge of the museum’s library of books and historical archives, where members and staff can borrow books and do research.
• Slide Librarian – in charge of the museum’s slide library, where images of the museum’s collection and related objects and images are filed for use by docents, lecturers and teachers.
• Building and Grounds Staff – in charge of maintaining the building and grounds of the museum in good condition, including repairing walls and roofs, mowing lawns, cleaning floors and clearing ice and snow.
• Development Officer – in charge of raising the money necessary to running the museum by contacting businesses, government agencies and charitable foundations.
• Membership Officer – in charge of the museum’s membership programs, aimed at individuals and companies who pay a yearly fee to enjoy special benefits from their support of the museum.
• Business Officer – in charge of the museum’s financial affairs such as making sure bills are paid on time, keeping the museum’s expenses from exceeding income, and paying staff their salaries.

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